How to Use Essential Oils for Everything
Including the Kitchen Sink!

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You see...

Need a specific example?

Versatile aren’t they!

All of us are looking to use a product that:

• Is easy (and fun) to use, and works!

• Is non-toxic to our body, our kids and our pets

• Is friendly to our environment and the planet

• Promotes emotional and physical well being

• Improves the quality of our lives

• Gives us an alternative solution

• Has more benefits than I can name, rather than side effects

Essential oils answer many of our questions...


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Nan Martin is the owner of Learn about how and why she started this site and how Essential Oils changed her life!
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Privacy policy for is explained. This page outlines the types of personal information we receive and collect when you use our site.
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The Essential Oils Blog keeps you updated with any additions and changes to web site. Subscribe here!
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The Oil Well is a free e-zine for those who love essential oils or for those who want to learn more about them! Subscribe here to opt-in now!
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The Oil Well E-Zine Archives contains Free Newsletters produced by Nan Martin, intuitive healer, of Explore and learn more about essential oils here!
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Social Networking with Nan Martin of Experience Essential allows fans to stay up to date on news; and post questions about essential oils or healing on her Facebook Fan Page. Click here for more...
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Contact us at We welcome your questions, feedback or suggestions!
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Holistic healing can change your life! Work with Nan, an intuitive facilitator and animal empath to discover your greatest gift-yourself! Use essential oils to support you on this path.
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Where to buy essential oils is a question I get asked often. Here is a complete guideline on what to consider when purchasing oils including grade of oil, distillers and wholesale programs. More here…
Essential Oils Shop
Buy Essential Oils, Nan's Holistic Services and more through the Experience Essential Oils Shop! Take advantage of the monthly promotion where you can earn free product or a discount for product or services!
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Using Essential Oils for People and Animals online aromatherapy course is a video training class
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Free internet radio program featuring Nan Martin. This new age radio show combines Nan's intuitive empath, energy clearing skills, essential oils and more to help people and animals! Tune or Call In!
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The Experience Essential Oils Events Schedule includes upcoming events, essential oil classes, teleseminars and more. Also find out here how you can book Nan for an event, clinic or class.
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Register for essential oil teleseminars and webinars with Nan Martin of Experience Essential Oils here. Check the up and coming class schedule, get more information and register online!
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Experience Essential Oils search results will provide the info you are searching for on the site specifically. Use this to find a natural remedy or specific condition for you or your pet.
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The reference guide for essential oils section contains aromatherapy essential oil guide books, DVDs and more that you can use in addition to the website which is a free online reference.
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The Experience Essential Oils website link exchange page includes important links to other healers, equestrian sites, animal references and Nan's social media pages including Facebook.
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The Experience Essential Oils Press Room includes articles, press releases, interviews and news stories related to the website and my healing business. Read here!
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Learn about Young Living Oils Membership: The benefits of joining this dynamic group of individuals under the leadership of Nan Martin and Experience Essential Oils. Members have access to a free mont
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Essential Oil Testimonials are a great way to share and learn information about essential oils. Read other experiences or post your own here! Also read testimonials of Nan Martin's Intuitive Coaching!
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Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil is different than perfume grade or pure oils. Where the plant is grown, how it is distilled and the chemistry of the oil determines its purity! Find the oil facts here!
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Essential oils use is not limited to just aromatherapy! Learn how to use them as a natural perfume, in your bath and to clean your house. The uses are endless - find out here...
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An Essential Oil Use Chart can be used as a quick guide to see what oils fit into a category. Click here for useful charts that link directly to the individual oil or blend for more information!
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Therapeutic grade essential oils are different from fragrance or aromatherapy grade oils. This section simply lists the single oils I use and are detailed on this website.
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Essential oils blends are truly unique and take years of expertise to produce perfectly. This section simply lists the professionally made blends I use and are detailed on this website.
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Raindrop technique is a powerful modality that uses therapeutic essential oils to reduce pain and inflammation in the body and align the spine with no manipulation. First developed for scoliosis.
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Healing oils of the Bible is a book that teaches bible versus about healing, essential oils that were used for healing in the Bible and the significance of aromatherapy Bible uses. More here!
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Essential oils make great home remedies for anxiety. Lavender and Valerian oils are example s of oils that help with anxiety and panic attacks. Here is everything you need to know...
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Essential oils for hair can help you grow healthy, shiny hair, and prevent dandruff, loss and damage! Here are my favorites, along with some useful recipes.
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Essential oils Hair Loss. Help your hair grow fast and prevent loss! Here are my favorites, along with some useful recipes.
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Essential oils are natural sleep remedies. They can help you relax before you go to bed, get a good night sleep and even reduce or stop snoring! Here are the best ones...
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Essential oil is a natural muscle relaxer that can help with all the common muscle problems we deal with daily. This includes muscle spasms, pain or injuries. Here is the information you need...
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Essential oils for pain can help you manage pain naturally. They can be used for muscle, bone, tooth, joint pain and more! Here is all the information you need!
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Essential oil is a natural anti-inflammatory that can help with inflammation from physical injury, infection, burns, heart disease, arthritis and more! Here is the information you need to know so...
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Massage Therapy oils can be made easily with therapeutic grade essential oils and any pure vegetable oil. Choose an individual oil or blend and customize to your choosing! More here…
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Essential Oils for perfume and cologne improves your emotional and phyical well being! Find out why you should use them, what oils are contained in perfumes like Chanel No. 5 and how to choose one!
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Natural First Aid Kit is easy with Essential Oils. They can address wounds, bee stings, poison ivy/oak, sunburn, food poisoning and more. Plus they keep us calm and focused! Learn more here!
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Burn home remedies are simply made using therapeutic esesntial oils. They provide relief for first and second degree burns including sunburn. Learn more here!
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Going green in your home includes essential oils. Use them for cleaning, air freshening and, killing molds and pests! They are a safe and natural alternative to synthetically made products! More here!
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Insect bites treatment and first aid is simple when using essential oils. Applying one drop on the bite and the itch and burn are gone. Learn which oils to use for bites and repellent here....
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Homemade insecticides can be prepared using therapeutic essential oils. Making repellents is uncomplicated and safe for our children and animals. Recipes for ants, silverfish, moths and more!
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Natural thyroid remedies include therapeutic essential oils and supplements. Oils have the ability to regulate, normalize, support and boost the thyroid gland! Normalize your thyroid levels now!
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All natural herbal weight loss programs include essential oils. They suppress appetite, burn fat, detox the body, stop sugar cravings and promote emotional wellbeing – all key components to losing wei
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The best home remedies for horses include Essential Oils. Use for horse relaxing, sheath cleaning, scratches and fly spray! Oils make great natural remedies for horses. Learn how to use them here.
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Home Remedies For Dogs should always include essential oils. They are easy to use and dogs really love them! Use them for hips and stomach , natural flea remedies and way more! Learn more here!
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Essential oils for cats may be limited, but there are many oils that are safe to use! Find out why a cat can't tolerate products, what to do and how to use essential oils on your favorite feline!
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Essential oil nutritional supplements include natural thyroid supplement, colon cleanse products and all natural herbal weight loss products. Oils increase the assimilation of other nutrients and more
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Essential oil plant enzymes help the body assimilate nutrients, support pancreas and hormonal function, help to detox the body and more. The benefits of enzymes and essential oils certainly outweight

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